Friday, 3 July 2009

Doing some serious destashing

destash beige 1
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Well, it is official, I have terminated my flat for end of September and am gettting ready to move back to Wales from Germany.

However, as some of you may guess, I have accumulated a rather large spinning fibre stash in the meantime, and to be honest I also have quite a collection of commercial and handspun yarns I wanted to keep.

To make my life (and the move) a little easier I have therefore set myself the goal of not buying any new fibre until I basically have to, meaning I will try to actually spin away all the fibre I currently have. Phew. That's a goal. A big goal.

So whilst I am busily spinning my little heart away, I have also looked through my yarn stash and found a few things I will probably never have the time to work on, so I also added two lots of handspun destash to the shop, all wound into cute balls and ready to go.
Pictured is a lot of about 100g Wool/silk in a natural oatmeal/beige colour.

The other lot consists of 273g/9.6oz (!) of 2ply Merino wool in a tweedy shade of rainbow.

My goal is already asking for sacrifice: I am entirely out of my favourite fibre blend: Merino wool/Tussah silk. I still got a few braids of hand dyed Merino/silk but then that is it. And these are already mostly reserved for a big custom order. What this basically means is that the skein of 'Pearl' currently listed is my very last normal sized skein available. I have a few more odd skeins which I will probably list as one big very soon, but then that's it until I move.

At the moment I still got quite a bit of undyed Merino, lots of Alpaca and a great variety of more exotic fibres.

I cannot guarantee that prices will remain the same either, as some fibres seem quite a bit more expensive in the UK and I will have to do my best to find some good suppliers.

So basically, snap it up whilst it is here, because a lot of the yarns I am spinning now might not return after my move!

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