Tuesday, 14 July 2009

TDF Day 10 and 11

Day 10 of the Tour is officially a day of rest, but I have to admit I did spin on some singles for plying at a later stage. It's addiction, honey. ;)

I don't know what I spent doing all day today, but it really wasn't an awful lot of spinning. My meagre results for today are a brown organic wool yarn with Mohair locks (for a swap) and a Tussah silk single from fibre I tried to dye with natural dyes (redwood) ages ago. I spent a lot of yesterday picking out the little pieces of wood from this silk. Yes, next time I *will* use some kind of a net to put the plant parts in....

1 comment:

karlaA said...

liebe veronika, ich freue mich jeden tag auf deine TDF-überraschungen. wunderschön, deine kreationen!
liebe grüsse, regine - karlaA