Saturday, 4 July 2009

Spinning for the Tour de Fleece!

Just like last year, there is another Tour de Fleece starting today! What is the Tour de Fleece, you ask? Well, during the time of the Tour de France, lots of spinners are setting themselves challenges or joining together in groups to spin yarns. The time is Saturday July 4th through Sunday July 26th with these days of rest: Monday July 13th, Monday July 20th (Just like the actual tour). On Wednesday July 22nd we are expected to spin something especially challenging, as this is the hardest day of the Tour.
The Tour de Fleece is currently hosted on ravelry and I have joined a few groups (below are ravelry links, you need to register to see them).

This is actually my first Tour de Fleece, as I didn't manage to be at home for any of the past ones.
I have joined a few great teams and am hoping to be able to keep up with all of them!

Breakaways - This is the group for art yarns, so very much my home territory. As my personal challenge I am really trying to concentrate on pushing myself just that little bit further in the art yarn department. It has gotten easy for me to spin simpler single yarns and leave the fancy ingredients out, but in the next few weeks I will try to change that around.

Stash Busters - Yeah, I am almost tempted to say 'no comment'. As I will soon be moving, I really need to decrease my stash. I found loads of undyed Merino deep down in the corner, there is still a fair bit of hand dyed organic falkland wool and gorgeous cashmere, silk, milk protein fibre and more. Also, let's not forget about the huge bags of raw alpaca fleece... yes, yes, I remember them as well.

Tour de Fish, and here - This is rawfish's colourful group! I loved the theme so much that I just had to join. It's all about boats, pirates, mermaids and the seven seas...

Snobby spinners - I'be also joined the snobby spinners, a) because I love luxury fibres and b) because I finally ought to use them, just cuddling is no longer good enough.

Germany - Last but not least I also joined my regional group. At the moment it is very quiet there, but I am sure we can get this going. :)

So yes, that makes 5 teams and I hope I am up for it! Right now I have already spun one yarn and a bit, but I am planning on doing daily updates of what I spun for the Tour, so more about this tonight. :)

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Aud said...

Ok, sounds busy. So I only have to say: go go go!

Greetings from Cologne