Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sharing a piece of madness

Hello there,

just thought I should really drop in and mention why I am pretty swamped right now.
Since my last blog post I spent a wonderful but still pretty stressful (my poor feet) weekend in Paris, where I found some great fabric and trimmings and lots of inspiration, pictures might follow later on. Then I have spent the last few days at my organisation's 100 year celebration in Berlin. I was looking after our international VIPs which was a lot of fun but pretty much a full-time job. Today I finally have a day for my own undertakings, ie. the shop. From the look of it I will be spinning a good few custom orders and I should also really finish making my samples for the Phat fiber sampler, a brand new sample box for knitters and spinners which will include many different artists already in the first box in January! There should still be many new yarns appearing in the shop though, as I still have a little mountain of unphotographed and unlisted yarns around the flat.
I will also share one quick picture before I zoom off into spinning. I spun this yarn for the spin-up-the-crazy-along on ravelry. It was organised within the novelty and art yarn spinner's group, one of my absolute favourites on ravelry!
I got pretty inspiredby my scrap stash (This yarn is mainly Merino and Merino/silk, mostly hand dyed, combined with white organic cotton) and will definitely be spinning more in this style.

Take care in this busy season!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Brown leaves art yarn

My brown leaves art yarn had been finished for quite some time already, but first I struggled with rainy days and then... hmmm.... something. :D
The yarn is hand dyed wool with green glass beads, shiny leaf sequins and copper Angelina sparkle spun in.
On another note I have recently been featured by Amy from Pretty Lil Stars, have a look here. She knits lots of neckwarmers available in her shop as well as some bright jewellery and some fun items made from old vinyl records!

Pictures of my 'I want candy' yarn will be up soon and I also received some more fun beads in the mail today, which will soon appear in some more yarns. Right now I am just working on a corespun yarn from some hand dyed Merino I never dared using as it is just so pretty. Pastel prettyness. :D

Friday, 7 November 2008

Darling WIP

Time for another sweet art yarn.... pictures of the brown leaves art yarn will follow shortly. Here we have the beads and sequins for 'darling'. There are also some rose quartz chips for a little bit of pink. The fibre is mainly white, hand-processed Alpaca carded together with some hand dyed organic falkland wool, Tussah silk and many other white-ish fibres.
My most recent yarn to go into the shop is autumn tweed, a soft Merino yarn inspired by the seasonal changes around me: