Sunday, 1 December 2013

A whole new product range for December!

It's here already! We've reached the first of December! As pretty much every year, it seems to have gone by incredibly fast and all the fine plans of being more prepared this year have gone with the wind.

Either way, it's time to crack on with my holiday gift crafting, I once again have several handknit projects planned, small and manageable of course, but being handspun it still always takes longer than one might think. Having said that, the beauty of chunky handspun yarn is that the knitting goes fast!

Well, for my little etsy yarn shop I've also made some mad preparations and I will finally be introducing a new product line, which I know at least some of my lovely customers have been asking about for a very long time. I hope the way I have gone with it meets approval and delights at least some people!

....anyway, without further ado, I have decided to add a *small* selection of speciality fibres and hand carded batts to my shop! These are the same materials I use in my own yarns and would be brilliant for spinning, felting or lots of other textile crafts.
Handspun yarns will of course still remain my main focus and a fresh batch is about to hit the shop as well, but..... for all those who want to go one more step back with their supplies, these are seriously cuddly!

In my first batch we have a few selected carded batts, Pure Tussah as well as Mulberry silk braids, silk caps, degummed silk cocoons and some Wensleydale wool.

I'm still practising my batt photography, at the moment they still look sooo much better in person!

Please do pop over to check them out, the coupon code BATTY20 will be valid until the end of Cyber Monday and will get you 20% off anything in my shop!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The crazy year that is 2013

Hello dear blogging friends! Despite the fact that I *was* planning on spending less time blogging, I didn't expect to write my first post of 2013 in November.... even I will admit that is a bit late! I'm not sure if anyone still hangs out around here or sees this in their feed, if you do, thank you so much for your loyalty!

Either way, let me tell you about a few things that have happened this year so far. Last Winter my big obsession were freeform crochet hats and whilst I am spending my time doing other things again as well, I still do love making those hats and have plenty of them that still need to be photographed and listed!

Late last year at some point I also finally finished my beekeeper's quilt, but after having used it a few days my worries came true and the knots just didn't keep the whole blanket together. It was rather devastating after having spent so much time on it, but I did start sewing the hexis together individually on all seams. I'm at this point about half way done and am fully intending to finish within the next few months. Although I can't say it's been a massive priority, as it is currently usable, just a few more seams to go the other direction, so not too bad.

Well, the really big thing this year has been that I got married to the best guy ever, my best friend and partner of 9 years! We had a lovely weekend of celebrations in my home country of Switzerland, followed by a cute little honeymoon in Paris. We were lucky to have some of our very closest friends come join us, despite lots of travel involved for some. We had friends from so many nations united, off the top of my head we had the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, the US, the Netherlands and Japan in attendance. Not bad for a group of 30 guests! :)

So yes, it's been a pretty eventful year for us already and there is more to come yet!