Thursday, 9 July 2009

TDF Day 6

Today I finally finished my ocean treasure yarn! The beaded skein is about 200m of a fine 2ply yarn. From the same rolags I also spun a matching corespun yarn. :)


kiki said...

seufz - ein traum!

GrannyWeatherwax said...

Das war mein Plan für die Ferien: Muscheln durchlöchern, um sie verspinnen zu können :D
Echt klasse geworden!

Stefania said...

what a piece!
How long have you been carding to make these???
I love beaede yarns and this was a lovely theme, I wish I had time to spin this much,....anyway, all your creatures are so nice to look at!

Vanessa said...

I love the seashells how adorable Wish I could figure out how to add stuff into my roving when I go to spin it on my drop Spindal( Just learning)....HOW COOL`!~!