Monday, 30 May 2011

I've joined a spin along...

...and it's time to get my art yarn mojo back in action! I've joined the most recent of Laila's amazing spin alongs over on Lai Grai's ravelry group, where some of my most favourite spinners hang out!
First off I received a goodie pack containing a textured batt and lots of little trinkets. The theme was 'vintage', so I knew straight away that it was one I had to join! There were some extra fibres, silk cocoons, ribbons, fabric strips, wooden beads, beautiful linen thread....

From the beginning I planned on carding up some more fibre myself to beef up my skein, so I went ahead and dug up some matching fibres - I am due to do some dyeing, so my choices were a little limited, but to 'vintage' I can always mix something together. :) The batt in the front is Laila's gorgeous piece, the two simpler ones out back are my additions.
The last picture shows the pieces I decided to include in the yarn, threaded and ready to go. I mixed in some bling in the form of golden sequins, golden ric rac and matte golden glass beads threaded in groups of 7 onto Laila's linen thread.

Pictures of the finished yarn coming soon!!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sam the Chameleon

It's been pretty quiet around here, one of the main reasons is that we were getting our first pet and it took a loooot of research to understand these amazing little dudes. :D
Now I don't want to become one of those people who just keeps posting pics of their pets, but when it is as adorable as little Sammy...... here's a shot of him just after having moved in last week anyway!
He's a Panther chameleon and should be any shade of green or blue once he's fully grown. I'm sure his colours will inspire a few yarns in the meantime.

I've been pretty obsessed with Chameleons since seeing one in the wild on my trip to India a good few years ago (2004? 2005?). I even painted a huge acrylic painting of one, because I didn't think I would ever get a real one. :D They're just amazing animals, oogley eyes, the cutest little pegs as feet, colour changing and let's not forget their long tongues and twirly tails!!