Friday, 28 September 2007

Moving country

Sunset silk
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After long months trying to find myself a nice job, it all went very quickly the last few weeks. Yesterday I finally submitted my last piece of uni work, the dissertation, and said goodbye to some friends.

Today my parents will drive here from Switzerland and help me packing and moving. And then off we go to Germany!

Although this doesn't seem to be a very spinning-related entry, it is! I spun up pretty much all of my fibre and will have to order myself lots of new fibre once I get a proper address (oh, no! lol).

The yarn on the right is some pure tussah silk I spun up recently - I just love the colours of it and am trying to think of a project pretty enough for it :D

Well, I'm starting to get really nervous about moving, not so much the actual arriving there and starting work, or the fact that I don't know anyone (For some reason these things always excite me rather than scare me). No, it's more the actual moving, I got soo much stuff! I hope we can fit it all in the little Minivan...

Sunday, 23 September 2007


bumble bee 2
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Finally my invite came from ravelry! If you're on there too give me a shout, my name is there as well as everywhere else 'Snowberrylime'. It's far better than I had hoped, and I am already keeping myself busy adding my stash and needles - such a handy tool!

Today's featured yarn is a brand new art yarn, made from soft hand dyed merino. It's a 2ply with lots of added coils and plenty of little bee buttons. :)

Friday, 14 September 2007

Colonel Mustard and Ms Sage

It's yet another fibre friday and I got quite a few things done this week.
This is handspun Targhee which is such an interesting wool to spin! It is as soft as merino, but has somehow a more compact handle to it - so I would guess that it would be less prone to felting, but who knows...

On unrelated news I have got a brand new job, and it is even related to my area of study - who would have thought it was possible?!
Sadly this means I will have to move country and am therefore trying to work with as much of my fibre as possible.
Last week I already managed the unthinkable by dyeing every single undyed fibre in the house, so now it's all down to spinning.

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Glamourous stitch markers from Julridesigns!

Well, I know I shouldn't be browsing online shops anymore as I am moving country soon. Everything I buy from now on is strictly limited and needs to be essential. :P

But still, I think it's time for the next 'shopping' entry!

These gorgeous stitch markers from Julridesigns come in different colours. I especially liked the set on the left, with purple Swarovski crystals... >>Get it here

Or you can even get your very own custom set of stitch markers, that means you'll get 12 stitch markers on a pin, as you can see on the left.
>> Get it here

Other than stitch markers she also sells beautiful jewellery with a difference, so go check her out!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Etsy front page!

Yay, for the second time one of my items has made it onto the etsy front page, which means it has been arranged into a beautiful list with other great items by an etsy seller and has then been chosen by admin to be featured as etsy's front page.

The item which made it is my handspun silk from the last post, it also sold whilst it was up there.

However I am planning on dyeing some more pure tussah silk soon and adding a greater selection of pure silk to my shop!

I also added another art yarn to my shop, the frog prince yarn, which has finally been finished (I posted a WIP a while back). Here it is:

The base of this yarn is hand dyed (with professional dyes) merino, which is sooo soft! Added to this are hand dyed mohair locks in green and yellow as well as golden fabric, to portray the golden ball in the frog prince fairy tale. Just finding the perfect medium for this already took me many weeks...

For some added glamour there are two different kinds of green ric rac, one a rarity with sparkles. The absolute show stopper are green and golden sequins which are directly spun in.

To top it all off, the yarn has been plied in a wiggly style with green cotton thread (polyester thread would get 'loopy') and lots of coils have been added at personal measure.

Merino, mohair locks, ric rac, sequins, golden fabric, 35m/38 yards, 52g/1.9oz

Monday, 3 September 2007

Pure tussah silk

I've found yet another spinning obsession: pure tussah silk!
The way I spin them is into soft singles. On the left is my latest example, it's called 'purple steel' and has a beautiful lustre.

I had a few small skeins as well and they sold really quickly in my etsy shop.
Another thing I've been spinning (and I have been spinning a lot recently) is a luxurious fibre blend of 70% Merino and 30% Silk. It has all the advantages of a soft merino wool, but at the same time has the elegant drape and gorgeous shine of pure silk.
Here is an example of this fibre blend:

Overall I am really re-discovering the single ply - the colours just remain so beautifully in this ply...