Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wasn't it only just Christmas??

After a rather busy Christmas, New Year and birthday, things are slowly getting back to normal and I myself am getting back into my more normal crafting routines. Around christmas, every minute was spent creating some pretty (at least I think so) gifts and I continued obsessing about my beekeeper's quilt, which is still going well, albeit a little slower.

This is quite an old picture now, but still one of my favourite quilt in progress ones. :)

It was our first christmas at our place and it turned out we really hadn't bought quite that many lovely glass baubles over the years as I thought - so off to do some crafting! I grabbed some old linen and lovely cotton nottingham lace as well as some old lace bits and one of my favourite supplies, mother of pearl buttons.... and started stitching away. They turned out rather lovely and I might make it a little tradition to add one or two every year from now on. :)

The last picture shows our tree last christmas, not the best of pictures, but as always, a lovely nordman fir with real candles and glass baubles. :)