Monday, 18 May 2009

The very first hand dyed sock yarns. :D

Remember the white sock yarns I recently ordered? Well, it so happened that I had to get started immediately and so I mixed up some pretty colours in one of my favourite colour ranges: rainbow. :D
I started with 4 skeins, as I didn't want to mess up too many at once, but they turned out just perfectly! I greedily grabbed the least perfect one and started knitting the toe-up sock pattern 'brainless'. So far the yarn is knitting up in small stripes, which I love. One skein is also available in my shop and hopefully many more will soon be joining it. In an attempt to update my ravelry page I added this style there as well under my yarn category, but there is so much more to be done over there yet... I'd rather be knitting this sock, lol.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lady Gaga art yarn

Sometimes I get inspired by the weirdest things, but this time I surprised myself. :D
The pop/dance singer Lady Gaga has been the inspiration behind this latest art yarn. I just find it intriguing how she makes herself into a piece of art and how she uses style to create her own identity. Her music is kind of catchy as well, although I wouldn't like to admit that, lol.

For this yarn I grabbed fibres in black, white, metallic light blue and added blonde goat fibre for her hair (nothing personal, but it does look exactly like it!). I also strung matching beads on a sparkle thread and added sequins and ric rac. The result is a yarn I could easily see her use in her stage wear (apparently she makes a lot of it herself), but it also incorporates her whole look in one skein, which is pretty amazing.

Even if you have never heard of her though this yarn is a bit of a stunner. :P

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sock yarns!

Sock yarns
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It may seem as if I was gone, but theoretically I actually have more time now, haha.
At the beginning of this month I went down to part time at the day job, which should give me time to finish some things I have on my plate as well as a bit more time for yarning. :)

I have been busily spinning new yarns and adding them to the shop. I also made a small dent in my Alpaca stash, but to me the most exciting step is that I bought some snuggly sock yarn to dye up in beautiful colours. One of the reasons was that I am currently knitting quite a lot of socks and running out of the funky and bright colourways I have accumulated over time, so I need some new favourites. :) The first skeins of this experiment should soon be available and I am curious to hear any feedback about this, as I thought about offering hand dyed yarns for a while now.