Sunday, 28 June 2009

Wheat and honey handspun yarn and its inspiration

Today I will share one of my favourite, most random, places of inspiration.

Are you ready for this?

Ok: When spinning, I use a simple woolen 'leader thread' (the thread which is attached to the bobbin and onto which the first bit of the yarn is spun/attached). Whenever I take a yarn off the bobbin there is usually a little bit of fibre left on the leader thread. Some people cut these fibres off to have a clean leader thread again.... myself I like to leave it and let a whole bunch of fibre naturally accumulate around the end. I find the textures and colours very intrigueing!
Well, and on my current bobbin I kept seeing golden soy silk wrapped around a tweedy yellow yarn - and I liked it!

Yesterday I started recreating the look and here is 'wheat and honey' a respect-demanding bulky 2ply yarn handspun from golden soy silk and a tweedy batt consisting of yellow New Zealand wool and colourful cotton nepps (little 'freckles', if you will). The second picture shows the original inspiration.

What are you inspired by?

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Jenn said...

Those colors are so warm and inviting!