Monday, 29 December 2008

Etsy featured seller!

Yay! I am the current featured etsy seller for the next couple of days! It feels like I have reached on etsy what I was always aiming for. It might sound silly, but when I first started on etsy back in 2006 that was the prestigious place I wanted to reach - I need a new goal now, lol.
Here is the link.

Thanks to whoever is actually reading this, a spinner is nothing without some creative minds who can turn the yarn into something spectacular. :)

Wish me luck!


Friday, 12 December 2008

I want candy, finally finished this handspun yarn!

Some people might remember my post about a yarn called 'I want candy' - well, it has been finished and is now available as a big skein and a smaller skein. It is handspun entirely from hand dyed wool scraps and looks quite delightful. As there are two skeins available, this would definitely be enough for a nice project. I would love to see how this knits up and am actually quite tempted to take it out of the shop again... but I do have a policy that I will have to put one of my other 'keepers' into the shop if I want to keep another one - and I love them all, haha.
Other than that I have just finished a really fun yarn corespun from hand dyed Mohair locks. It is so soft and fluffy and due to its bright colours I called it 'Samba'. So far I have spun two skeins of this and it is so addictive! However right now I got caught up in spinning for quite a few custom orders, which I love to do. Especially my soy silk seems to be pretty popular at the moment - I even had to order more despite my last pretty chunky order, lol.
This weekend will see a lot of spinning. I am actually working on a completely gorgeous custom order of a new style which I might include in the shop in future, it is just so gorgeous! Also, there are still plenty of yarns to be listed and two interesting art yarns I have to take pictures of first. :)