Saturday, 25 October 2008

So much yarn to be uploaded yet...

Please cut me some slack for the blurred pictures, it was late and dark. Oh yes, please also ignore the random cables and the overall state of my spinning corner... Anyway, first up we have a bag of yarns which has even already been photographed (as opposed to the bigger box of still to be photographed yarns and items), so all I have to do is list them.... yeah, sounds simple enough, haha. They will slowly move into the shop and hopefully find some good homes.
Next up are some pure wool leftover fibres, all hand dyed. They have today been turned into two big skeins of colourful yarn which I named 'I want candy'. I will soon make another yarn in this style with hand dyed Merino/silk. The idea behind it is that my boyfriend is coming over to live with me next week and I really, I mean reeeally need to create some room. :D Oh yes, the latest fibre order didn't really help that goal, but what the heck.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

I have just been featured on this beautiful design blog:

Kristin herself is a talented letterpress card designer - as some people may know I am a huge admirer of letterpress printing. :) I am already planning on buying some girly letterpress cards this season...

There were also two recent etsy frontpages I was on, the last one is this beauty:
Etsy Front Page 10/22/08 inspirationglassware
It was created by inspirationglassware who sells etched glass designs on etsy.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Brown leaves WIP

My latest work in progress is a hand dyed art yarn which includes all of these beads and sequins, including some iridescent leaves. The result will be a heavily embellished yarn which I am hoping to post pictures of pretty soon!

I have also recently spun another expressive vegan yarn made from organic hemp and linen:
The skein is called urban myth and available here.My latest yarn in this series is a funky vegan linen yarn in autumn colours, embraced by a bumpy cotton thread. It is at the moment waiting to be washed to set the twist, but I will post a pic of the finished yarn, if I don't forget.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

'Sticheleien' craft fair

Recently my little local art yarn spinning group went to sell our yarns in the middle of the Odenwald, a big forest region nearby at a textile craft fair. The fair was amazing and I am so glad to have gone, although I would have usually said it's a little far, but since we went there with our own stall that was a good excuse. :P It was great fun to be there with the girls, it almost felt like one of our usual meet-ups. :)
Above are just some of the things I got, look here for all the details. My favourite buys are of course yarns - the green yarn to the left has been hand dyed with birch leaves to several gorgeous shades of green and the two romantic skeins of a very soft Mohair yarn to the right have been bought directly from the owner of a small herd. I will try to get some roving from him as well so I can spin my own high quality, 'locally grown' Mohair.

I have also been working on another art yarn and will post pictures in my next post.

Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Autumnal inspiration

Just some leaves I picked up on my way home from work. I then played around a little with my camera. The ground was really covered in these three colours and it looked so gorgeous - might have to incorporate some of these colours into my next dye pot.

As much as autumn and winter sadden me, I do love the colours. :)