Thursday, 14 June 2007

Spinning projects!

The reason I get a real kick out of spinning chunky art yarns is the challenge of finding the exact right treasures for each yarn. It's not always easy, but the results are worth it!

And sometimes I find something pretty and base everything else around it - souvenirs from travelling, a special trim I only found once, beads collected over the years... or when sewing bags it's that lovely fabric I found only after wandering the unknown streets of a foreign city for hours, the beads and trims and laces which are so much prettier than anything I could find 'at home' or a fabric I first had to haggle for.
Most of my fabrics have their own story, and whenever I come back from an extended vacation my suitcase is packed with fabrics and trims. Or sarees, whatever the country has on offer, lol.

Well, at the moment I have two art yarns planned, but am still rushing around to find the perfect extras.

The first one will be based around these cuties here which I recently swapped with someone: chicks close So far I've got a whole bunch of the chicks and have today felted a few white merino 'eggs'.

The second WIP art yarn is for the UK etsy sellers monthly challenge which is for this month 'fairytales'. I always loved frog prince, so I thought I could get started on that, if I could find something suitable enough for the golden ball. Well, I did!
gold fabric This will be shredded up and spun into the yarn, plus I got some matching sequins:
Frog prince WIP
I love how the fabric already starts fraying. :)
Now all I need for this yarn are the froggies and then dye some green roving. For the froggies I was hoping to get some green children's buttons with frogs, but they don't seem to exist - it's really a lot harder than I thought it would be.


alabamawhirly said...

hello snowberry, it was lovely to read your blog tonight - and you gave away your topic for the next challenge..sssh, I won't tell anyone

DianeM said...

When do you need the frogs by? There's a shop near me with a pretty good button range - I could check there if you like :-)