Thursday, 7 June 2007

Art yarns

Well, I guess this is my first 'real' blog post, how exciting!
I am planning to post my latest yarns, often with WIP shots, tutorials, about other sellers with great products, about my special offers, possibly I'll have some giveaways from time to time...

For today I thought it would be nice to show some of the recent art yarns I've made.

Here is Citrus explosion on the rocks, a pure merino 2ply yarn with biiiig blobs:
Citrus explosion on the rocks on etsy:

Here is dragonfly, a hand dyed merino yarn with seed beads and silvery dragonfly beads:
Dragonfly handspun on etsy:

This is true love, a 2ply merino/mohair with heart buttons, seed beads and handmade fimo beads from, check out her shop full of ceramics and wonderful fimo beads!
True love on etsy:

and the last one for now is called Bride to be, made from hand dyed merino and white and pink tulle as well as some fancy tulle with star print...
Bride to beon etsy soon.


gilfling said...

yaaay congrats on your new blog - it looks great! Oh my goodness all that yarn looks so delicious. Beautiful

charlotte narunsky said...

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging (!) I love your bridal yarn - amazing!