Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Handspun yarn

Leading up to last Christmas I read every spinning tutorial I could find online and spent hours on eBay trying to find the perfect deal for either a spindle or a spinning wheel. It just so happened that there was an incredibly cheap buy it now spinning wheel in Germany, so I arranged for my parents to get it sent to them whilst on a short holiday there. My first wheel is a Polish wheel, a Kromski Mazurka, which now resides in Switzerland.

When I got my wheel I could already spin theoretically, but had never even touched a spindle. Well, after a few hours of adjusting the wheel I was spinning my own yarn! Within the first few days I spun all these skeins:
first yarn lot
I soon graduated to dyeing my own fibre when I had to leave for university.

Back in the UK I soon realised I couldn't live without spinning and bought a turkish spindle (because I'm lazy and don't like the idea of having to wind the yarn off a spindle, lol).
Ashford turkish spindle
Well, by some twist of fate I soon got an offer to buy an Ashford traditional for a reasonable price, and so I did...
wheel with stash

I spin pretty much every day and love trying out new, exotic fibres and also often add beads and other things to my yarns. For pictures please check out my gallery on deviantart: http://snowberrylime.deviantart.com :)

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