Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Recycled sail

I grew up on a sailing boat called 'Flamingo' and the sails are about the closest to textiles and fashion you will get on a boat...
Sails do break however, and when I first got into making bags they were a readily available and cheap fabric to work with. Of course I couldn't resist the sweet call of bright fabrics, but when recently another sail broke I immediately nicked it to create some very individual bags.

Here is a small tote bag:

Back with stencil

Front with sail seam

...and this was a custom order from fellow sailors:
It's the size of a beach bag, features the boat name and 4 inside pockets.

I call them 'Sailorbags' and try to incorporate as many typical details you can find in a sail as possible. The writing is stencilled and definitely weatherproof!

As sail is hard work to sew due to its heavy weight, I generally only do these as custom orders, with the boat name stencilled on. Please contact me if interested and I'll see if I got all the necessary material around. :)

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