Sunday, 10 June 2007

Beautiful stitchmarkers from ballee

This is the first 'shopping' post! In this category I would like to show some great shops online, most of which are directly related to either knitting or spinning. Sometimes I might show a little collection with beautiful things which go together and would nicely match one of my own items :)

Today I would like to introduce some beautiful stitchmarkers to you!

Ballee creates extravagant stitchmarkers, the ones I particularly liked feature little pendants of Saints and are combined with pretty beads.

I've done a little trade and got myself this set amongst others. I quite happily call this the most beautiful set of stitchmarkers I have ever seen! The friendly woman behind ballee was more than happy to adjust the rings to fit exactly the needle sizes I have. They also arrived in some of the most original packaging I've seen in a while, ready for gift giving. :)

Everybody I have shown these to fell in love immediately, so go off and get yourself a cutom made set of absolutely stunning stitchmarkers at


Carrie K said...

Oh, very pretty!

But your spun yarns are gorgeous! I love those bags. Did you sew those?

Snowberry & Lime said...

Hi Carrie, yes I do sew bags as well :) Glad you like my yarns!