Monday, 3 September 2007

Pure tussah silk

I've found yet another spinning obsession: pure tussah silk!
The way I spin them is into soft singles. On the left is my latest example, it's called 'purple steel' and has a beautiful lustre.

I had a few small skeins as well and they sold really quickly in my etsy shop.
Another thing I've been spinning (and I have been spinning a lot recently) is a luxurious fibre blend of 70% Merino and 30% Silk. It has all the advantages of a soft merino wool, but at the same time has the elegant drape and gorgeous shine of pure silk.
Here is an example of this fibre blend:

Overall I am really re-discovering the single ply - the colours just remain so beautifully in this ply...


Rowen said...

Hello Snowberrylime! your yarn looks delicious! Just wondering if that "steel" yarn was spun from some of the roving I sent in the Magic roving ball swap...the colorway is similar if not. It turned out gorgeous...congrats on making it on the front of etsy.
hope all is well in your life...we just moved, so I can sympathize with your upcoming transition!

Heidi said...

hi! just found your blog through etsysellerswhoblog ring..
i know nothing about yarn, except that this looks positively edible! love the colours very much, would love to reach in and touch it :)