Friday, 24 August 2007

Coming soon...

There are a few yarns still in my stash, waiting to be photographed and listed in my etsy shop! Some are brand new off the spindle, others yarns I wanted to keep, but have now decided to let them go... we all need space.
Be ready for:

-Mermaid yarn (Bulky thick and thin blue merino with silk slubs)
-Decadence (Purple-pink Merino/silk, fine 2ply yarn - very elegant)
-Red wine (single ply)

I might even add this enchanted forest yarn to the list:

It took me so long, and I had a specific project in mind, but now it just sits in my stash. There is quite a bit of it and therefore enough for a nice project.

...and here are some of the things I am working on right now:

-Bumble bee and bee hives yarn (This is one of my favourite yarns I have ever made, with bee buttons and coils for bee hives, just sooo sweet!)
-Shell yarn in blues/greens (single ply merino with shells spun in)
-White merino yarn for hat knitting kit with 'bride to be' yarn (lots of white 2ply yarn to make up a great knitting kit which any knitter would enjoy)
-Knitting needle rolls (Still mainly in the planning phase, but I found some great fabrics to use)
-Small sailor tote lined with colourful fabric (A cute little tote bag)

And as it's friday, here is a picture of some before unpublished handspun yarn. It's about a 4ply weight (much thinner than my usual yanrs) and has been completely spun on my turkish spindle. I loved the colours and used this roving to keep me entertained during my holiday. Well, of the 100g I only spun up 25g in 4 weeks...

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