Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Etsy front page!

Yay, for the second time one of my items has made it onto the etsy front page, which means it has been arranged into a beautiful list with other great items by an etsy seller and has then been chosen by admin to be featured as etsy's front page.

The item which made it is my handspun silk from the last post, it also sold whilst it was up there.

However I am planning on dyeing some more pure tussah silk soon and adding a greater selection of pure silk to my shop!

I also added another art yarn to my shop, the frog prince yarn, which has finally been finished (I posted a WIP a while back). Here it is:

The base of this yarn is hand dyed (with professional dyes) merino, which is sooo soft! Added to this are hand dyed mohair locks in green and yellow as well as golden fabric, to portray the golden ball in the frog prince fairy tale. Just finding the perfect medium for this already took me many weeks...

For some added glamour there are two different kinds of green ric rac, one a rarity with sparkles. The absolute show stopper are green and golden sequins which are directly spun in.

To top it all off, the yarn has been plied in a wiggly style with green cotton thread (polyester thread would get 'loopy') and lots of coils have been added at personal measure.

Merino, mohair locks, ric rac, sequins, golden fabric, 35m/38 yards, 52g/1.9oz

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