Sunday, 23 September 2007


bumble bee 2
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Finally my invite came from ravelry! If you're on there too give me a shout, my name is there as well as everywhere else 'Snowberrylime'. It's far better than I had hoped, and I am already keeping myself busy adding my stash and needles - such a handy tool!

Today's featured yarn is a brand new art yarn, made from soft hand dyed merino. It's a 2ply with lots of added coils and plenty of little bee buttons. :)


Calvin said...

Off to go and find you on Ravelry now. That Tussah Silk is beautiful - no wonder it made it to Etsy front page - congratulations!

Skein Queen said...

Sorry - just published last comment as my husband! It's Skein Queen.

Snowberry & Lime said...

lol, thank you!
Ravelry is really so much fun, but I'm starting to run into the limits of my flickr account - I should really invest a little, hehehe.


ChelleC said...

Your art yarn is amazing!