Monday, 26 July 2010

TDF the very last days!

We're done, we're done!

It was fun while it lasted, but wow it causes pressure, lol. To be honest I was only really active in one group, my lovely LaiGrai girls. :)

Day 21 (23rd of July):
I carded up some pinks and spun them into singles.

Day 22 (24th of July):
Spun up some more singles in a mix of blues.

Day 23 (25th of July), LAST DAY:
I finally finished this yarn on my hand spindle, lots of hand washed beautiful Shetland wool, hand dyed Merino/silk, silk noil and some Angelina, plus of course those blobs I crocheted a while back.

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eastwitching said...


You just have such an eye for ethereal and romantic colours! I love these! Thanks for your comments about my paintings on Jami's Imagine blogspot - I appreciate it:)

See u some time . At th emo I'm very busy with my 60 hours of case studies for reflexology course! A x