Thursday, 15 July 2010

TDF Days 11-13

This first picture shows what I have been spinning for the TDF so far. Today's yarn is the one just above the purple invasion, a simple yarn spun from naturally dyed wool (using Redwood).

But let's go back a step...

Day 10 is a resting day, so that is exactly what I did....

On day 11 I spun a corespun Mohair locks yarn:
The second yarn is the Twister yarn I mentioned a few days ago, that was great fun to spin. :)

The third picture shows the yarns I was spinning on for the last few days, all in the interest of destashing! They are pure purple wool with cotton nepps, which is supposed to be tweedy. I do actually quite like it now it's spun up, nice and chunky for sure!

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ritarenata said...

beautiful good job!!!