Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sock yarns!

Sock yarns
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It may seem as if I was gone, but theoretically I actually have more time now, haha.
At the beginning of this month I went down to part time at the day job, which should give me time to finish some things I have on my plate as well as a bit more time for yarning. :)

I have been busily spinning new yarns and adding them to the shop. I also made a small dent in my Alpaca stash, but to me the most exciting step is that I bought some snuggly sock yarn to dye up in beautiful colours. One of the reasons was that I am currently knitting quite a lot of socks and running out of the funky and bright colourways I have accumulated over time, so I need some new favourites. :) The first skeins of this experiment should soon be available and I am curious to hear any feedback about this, as I thought about offering hand dyed yarns for a while now.

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