Saturday, 18 April 2009

Spring is the time for silk lace

With the weather finally being warmer I have been drawn to spinning with beautiful hand dyed silk and the results are a whole collection of about fingering weight lace yarns. The picture shows some of my yarns before their final wash, after which they will look smoother and are ready for use.
The four skeins in the middle are pure silk, on the right is my usual hand dyed Merino/silk, and as you can see there is quite a difference in thickness. One of the chunky skeins on the left will be used for a little project of mine involving, once again, my bags - I am thinking about crocheting with it, which should be interesting since I don't crochet all that often. :D
The silk yarns will fit in well with a few lace yarns I already listed in the shop, like Firenze, a recent favourite of mine which was dyed in colours reminiscent of this beautiful Italian city:
There is also luxury latte, a fingering weight yarn for which I carded together lots of different luxury fibres and it resulted in an absolute stunner of a yarn!


florcita said...

This one: Pink soy silk handspun vegan yarn, hand dyed is one of my faves from your shop. So ... chic, soft, classy, beautiful...dunno... many words.

Your yarns are stunning... really gorgeous.

Root and Leaf said...


mlle a. said...

Ohh, I thought the other day that I could imagine a beautiful S&L light-weight silk yarn for a summer snood-style hat. :)

Guzzisue said...

thanks for dropping by, love your yarns, yummy
I've just borrowed a wheel from our local guild so lets see what sort of mess I can get into :-)

Julianna said...

Stunning yarn, beautifully dyed! It's fun to make the transition to warm weather spinning and knitting.