Sunday, 17 May 2009

Lady Gaga art yarn

Sometimes I get inspired by the weirdest things, but this time I surprised myself. :D
The pop/dance singer Lady Gaga has been the inspiration behind this latest art yarn. I just find it intriguing how she makes herself into a piece of art and how she uses style to create her own identity. Her music is kind of catchy as well, although I wouldn't like to admit that, lol.

For this yarn I grabbed fibres in black, white, metallic light blue and added blonde goat fibre for her hair (nothing personal, but it does look exactly like it!). I also strung matching beads on a sparkle thread and added sequins and ric rac. The result is a yarn I could easily see her use in her stage wear (apparently she makes a lot of it herself), but it also incorporates her whole look in one skein, which is pretty amazing.

Even if you have never heard of her though this yarn is a bit of a stunner. :P


Shellbean said...

This is beautiful V!

theohiogirl said...

I found your blog LOVE it I follow now :) Someday I will order from you when I have money to do so for sure~!~!~! LOVE Lady GAGA :)