Saturday, 25 October 2008

So much yarn to be uploaded yet...

Please cut me some slack for the blurred pictures, it was late and dark. Oh yes, please also ignore the random cables and the overall state of my spinning corner... Anyway, first up we have a bag of yarns which has even already been photographed (as opposed to the bigger box of still to be photographed yarns and items), so all I have to do is list them.... yeah, sounds simple enough, haha. They will slowly move into the shop and hopefully find some good homes.
Next up are some pure wool leftover fibres, all hand dyed. They have today been turned into two big skeins of colourful yarn which I named 'I want candy'. I will soon make another yarn in this style with hand dyed Merino/silk. The idea behind it is that my boyfriend is coming over to live with me next week and I really, I mean reeeally need to create some room. :D Oh yes, the latest fibre order didn't really help that goal, but what the heck.


laila aka rawfish said...

you should definitely post the future "i want candy" to ravelrys fiber friday group! the challenge this week is so cute meaning rainbows & foof! :)

oh & your spinning corner actually looks okay. mine has plying thread strewn everywhere!! LOL

Carrie K said...

Now you know all we see is YARN! Pretty lucious beautiful yarn. I Want Candy, great name.