Friday, 7 November 2008

Darling WIP

Time for another sweet art yarn.... pictures of the brown leaves art yarn will follow shortly. Here we have the beads and sequins for 'darling'. There are also some rose quartz chips for a little bit of pink. The fibre is mainly white, hand-processed Alpaca carded together with some hand dyed organic falkland wool, Tussah silk and many other white-ish fibres.
My most recent yarn to go into the shop is autumn tweed, a soft Merino yarn inspired by the seasonal changes around me:


Shellbean said...

That's really pretty I love the colours. I have some Blue Faced Leicester which I spun at the Guild's sponsored spin, I have dyed it turquoise and now I'm planning on plying it with some beads, inspired by you! Hope you are well.

Jessie said...

Oh I love these colors!

moxylyn said...

Your yarn is so beautiful!!