Sunday, 19 October 2008

'Sticheleien' craft fair

Recently my little local art yarn spinning group went to sell our yarns in the middle of the Odenwald, a big forest region nearby at a textile craft fair. The fair was amazing and I am so glad to have gone, although I would have usually said it's a little far, but since we went there with our own stall that was a good excuse. :P It was great fun to be there with the girls, it almost felt like one of our usual meet-ups. :)
Above are just some of the things I got, look here for all the details. My favourite buys are of course yarns - the green yarn to the left has been hand dyed with birch leaves to several gorgeous shades of green and the two romantic skeins of a very soft Mohair yarn to the right have been bought directly from the owner of a small herd. I will try to get some roving from him as well so I can spin my own high quality, 'locally grown' Mohair.

I have also been working on another art yarn and will post pictures in my next post.

Have a great Sunday!

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laila aka rawfish said...

very cool! looks like you brought back some nice things!! :)