Monday, 20 August 2007

Back to spinning!

Yay, I'm back from my holiday!
At the moment I am still uploading quite a backlog of yarn into my etsy shop, like some pure tussah silk:
I named it 'Sandy island', after a sweet little island in the Carribbean...

...and there is also this beauty, which I was very tempted to keep, and I still might, lol:
It's called Banana daiquiri and it's soooo soft!

During my holiday I also snapped my Turkish spindle, but luckily it was possible to glue it back together. Still, I am kind of in the market for a prettier spindle, as I've seen some very nice ones made from beautiful woods.... :D

Soon I will have sewn some knitting needle cases and of course spun some more yarn - although I should really dye some fibre first...

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