Friday, 23 April 2010

Wonderwool Wales is coming!

Wow, time has flown. I'm telling you, absolutely flown! Suddenly I find myself just one night away from my first ever UK craft fair, and it is a big one at that!

Well, if by any chance you find yourself in the heart of Wales this weekend, do make sure to drop by this amazing Fibre Festival!
Ok, I haven't been before, but I have heard and I assume that it is amazing.... ;)

There are so many things to be done yet and soooo little time. I did get lots of sock yarns dyed up though and am going through labelling loads of exciting handspun yarns, including many never seen before art yarns! I will be at stall F8, which I will be sharing with my spinning friend Sally, who is also a brilliant printmaker and weaver.

Please, wish me luck - I could use some. :D

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Naturalearthfarm said...

Best wishes with the market. Your yarn is beautiful.