Monday, 2 February 2009

Tweed love on my birthday

It is the 2nd of the 2nd, which has been my birthday for quite some time now. As I am one of the biggest fans of all kinds of tweeds, I want to share two of my recent exploits into the world of handspun tweed with you.
I ordered some tweedy wool batts recently (dyed wool with differently coloured little bits of cotton) and also this brown wool which is green and red wool carded together. In the picture you can see two separate yarns, a tweedy marigold yellow one and a brown one with lots of beads and sequins. These are actually the same ones as in this yarn.

They will soon be sold in my shop together as a set - I want to offer more sets in the future and these two fit together so well and it will also extend their yardage nicely.

One of my big plans for the next few weeks is to purposefully take some time out to actually create some of these yarns I have planned and don't get around to spinning. It is almost unavoidable to get caught up in orders of the same few yarns - and that would just be way too easy. :P
A few more yarns are on my list, but then I am back to creating the more extraordinary yarns I usually have...

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Trashy Knitting said...

Happy birthday veronika
I look forward to seeing more of the beautiful harns you are going to create this year.