Thursday, 26 February 2009

Strawberry cheesecake art yarn

After a short vacation in the UK, I am back with some exciting new fibres and sequins! :D
I am also getting around to updating my shop with a few pretty yarns I have recently spun up,
Pictured here is 'Strawberry cheesecake', a vegan art yarn handspun from pink linen and natural golden soy silk, to which I added lots of pearl beads in different colours and sizes.

Something else that has been going on was my participation in the new yarn sampler box, Phat fiber and I also received my very own box! It was great fun looking through the different samples, and as there was a theme for the month they should also work out into something pretty if combined.

Right now I am finishing off some more soy silk wrist warmers, some of those 'almost-but-not-quite' finished projects for a while... the new batch looks so stunning and it really got me into the mood of knitting even more of them - they are so addictive!


Stefania said...

Lovely yarn, I finally managed to spin some bamboo and found it so lushy and soft!
My vegan fibres from Wingham arrived, really amazed by soy and silk noil as well!

You're right, drumcarders are actually very expensive, but it encourages me to hear that many artist create beautiful yarn even without one :>!

So you're happy with the Phat Box? I was thinking to get one...

The Indie Handmade Show said...

I adore this yarn! :)