Friday, 12 December 2008

I want candy, finally finished this handspun yarn!

Some people might remember my post about a yarn called 'I want candy' - well, it has been finished and is now available as a big skein and a smaller skein. It is handspun entirely from hand dyed wool scraps and looks quite delightful. As there are two skeins available, this would definitely be enough for a nice project. I would love to see how this knits up and am actually quite tempted to take it out of the shop again... but I do have a policy that I will have to put one of my other 'keepers' into the shop if I want to keep another one - and I love them all, haha.
Other than that I have just finished a really fun yarn corespun from hand dyed Mohair locks. It is so soft and fluffy and due to its bright colours I called it 'Samba'. So far I have spun two skeins of this and it is so addictive! However right now I got caught up in spinning for quite a few custom orders, which I love to do. Especially my soy silk seems to be pretty popular at the moment - I even had to order more despite my last pretty chunky order, lol.
This weekend will see a lot of spinning. I am actually working on a completely gorgeous custom order of a new style which I might include in the shop in future, it is just so gorgeous! Also, there are still plenty of yarns to be listed and two interesting art yarns I have to take pictures of first. :)


Jessie said...

soooo pretty!
I normally don't like light colors but these are really delicious!

Carrie K said...

I think you've got candy right there. Sweet!

audrey said...

Love them both but smitten with the second!!!

Stefania said...

This mohair locks one looks amazing!
I've never spun with the core technique, should really start, if there's such result!