Monday, 4 August 2008

Belgian lace

Belgian lace
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Souvenirs? Why yes, of course! :D
Whilst in Namur/Belgium, I of course had a good look inside the boxes of the local flea market. Always on the lookout for gorgeous old things, and especially for fabrics and laces I have developed a bit of a radar for the promising boxes... well, this was definitely one of them, I picked my favourite laces out of it, as many as I could afford, really. Already more than delighted I continued and stumbled into an old woman's stall with probably many kilos worth of old lace and ribbons. She also had many old cameras, but I really don't need another obsession, although I do like looking at them.

Another really great find were those massive bobbins, one of them to be seen underneath the laces. The lady who sold them to me told me they were from a ribbon factory which closed down in the 1960s. I can see them working very well on craft fair tables, or just as decoration in general - the tattered feel of the wood is just gorgeous!


Carrie K said...

Oh wow, those are beautiful. Fabulous find! What will you make of them?

schmollfisch said...

Ohhh ... ist das Brüsseler Spitze? Da habe ich auch noch einen kleinen Kragen, den mir meine Mutter vor Jahren mitgebracht hat ... leider nie getragen, ich muss mal sehen, ob er nicht doch irgendwo drauf passt.
Ein schönes Souvenir!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Gosh- you are so lucky! It's getting harder and harder to find old lace around these parts. What I wouldn't give for a good flea market...