Saturday, 26 July 2008

A hint of peach and a big mess...

...that's all I got from dyeing today! It was a small disaster involving redwood, something went terribly wrong and I am not sure what. Hours of work and barely any colour on it. Plus I thought it would be ok to chuck the chopped wood in with the wool as I did not have any muslin - boy was I wrong. That stuff is as hard to get out of the fibre as vegetable matter from Alpaca fibre, not good.
Oh well, if I can motivate myself I will try to redeem myself with a bit of logwood dyeing tomorrow...
Perhaps natural dyeing was just not meant for me - we'll see!

However yesterday's dyeing turned out nicely, lots of yellow joined by red/orange/yellow and a big bunch of green soysilk will be the latest colours in the shop very soon. I also recently got some Angelina (who are we kidding, *a lot* of Angelina), so I have been working in the sparkle in a few of my latest yarns. I am still a little hesitant and need to muster up the courage though. :)

One of the next styles to go up for purchase is a really funky, bobbly yarn in pure white. I love it and hope they will go to a great home, pictures coming soon!

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