Sunday, 27 July 2008

Bobblelicious yarn

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After I got my order of falkland wool from the Dunnose Head Farm (DHF) I wanted to challenge myself as to how much texture I could get out of a yarn when all I was using was this lofty fibre and some thread. First I spun some normal singles and then I went to bobble heaven. The yarn doesn't look as extreme on this picture, but the thin bits oppose some big, chunky, slightly loopy bobbles.

I am still loving this fibre, which is well respected for being some of the purest wool available. The DHF farm takes environmental and animal welfare issues very seriously and does not use any pesticides in the process. The wool is also naturally white, so no bleach had to be used. These sheep, which are a Merino cross breed and therefore very soft, graze on the falkland islands. You can read all about is here:

The yarn pictured is available here, and another, slightly skinnier version will be posted soon.


Carrie K said...

What will you be knitting with it?

Those two skeins on the pleated skirt? - I kept trying to make it a cat.

So far, who do you like on Project Runway? I can barely tell them apart.

Snowberry & Lime said...

This one is going in the shop, but it is very likely that I will be knitting myself a fluffy neckpiece/stole-like cuddly thing at a later date.

Heh, do you mean the pleated bag? With the embroidery floss? :P

On PR I quite like the punky girl, cannot remember any of the names yet, but the vac cleaner bag dress was really cool last time. :D
I guess it didn't help that I just watched 2 seasons of project catwalk, it all blends into one... :D

Weird said...

That looks gorgeous! And more interesting than plain, smooth yarn. Maybe I should give some texture like this a try... I'm currently experimenting to get exciting textures, anyway.