Thursday, 5 June 2008

Tweed bag WIP 2

Tweed bag WIP 2
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Just a little update on how my new bags are coming along. Well, as usual I am getting lost in the tiniest details, this is why it is taking me a bit longer...
Here we have one of the herringbone tweed ones (with silk in it, so soft and cuddly) with embroidered flower. I have cut out the lining in a very sweet patchwork fabric I got in Wales, added a padding type interfacing and have sewn a little pocket inside which matches the bottom/side fabric of the bag. Right now I am torn between using my one pair of bamboo handles (horse shoe shaped) or matching fabric handles.

I had asked this question in a forum and was very surprised by the answers. It seems to be a bit of a cultural thing that many Americans consider it as cheap looking and what discounters would sell, whilst here in Europe most people do seem to think it looks classier. Considering how expensive these handles are I was very surprised that they appear to be like a cheap option to many. I am still not sure, but do still believe that the bamboo would look great with it!


lemonquasar said...

That's an interesting quandary. I saw the bag with the handles in your flickr and I think they look good.

Snowberry & Lime said...

Thanks for another point of view, I am still completely torn about it and decided to start sewing up the next bag instead.... playing with time. :D

AlasMyDear said...

i love the tweed! it does make the bag look nice and classy, and the little pink trim you put on it is adorable.

i do like bamboo handles too, they are so structured and nice to carry. but fabric (or beaded!) handles would give so much more room for creativity!

Snowberry & Lime said...

aha, I like the idea of a beaded fabric handle! That way it could be flexible (=comfortable) and fancy at the same time. :D
Thanks for the idea!