Monday, 23 June 2008

Souvenirs from Bavaria

Dirndl buttons
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I got back from a little weekend in Bavaria and of course I found a few great souvenirs. :D
Amongst them is a considerable stash of creamy fabrics, a bundle of cotton lace and other ribbons and these gorgeous silvery ribbons. Although the shops I got these buttons were both really tiny they has a stunning selection of gorgeousness - all for making dirndls and other traditional clothes.


Authentic Fiction said...

Nice buttons! Are you going to include them in a yarn? What brought you to Garmisch?


Charlie P said...

You can't torture us by talking about lovely fabrics and ribbons then not showing a photo! The buttons are lovely though :)

Holly said...

I love those buttons. I should have sent you shopping for fasteners for me!

Tag! a not-to-bad meme floating around. I have the details in my 1 July post.