Sunday, 11 May 2008

Look who just moved in with me!

I just had to share this beautiful find....
For quite some time now I was looking for a nice watering can, and trust me it's not that easy unless you like plastik or stainless steel with 90s style wooden handles. Anyway, yesterday I walked past one of the cute local boutiques and found this darling froggy watering can! Isn't he just the cutest? Well, I for one couldn't resist his sweet little eyes.

Plus, he works so well with my new and improved frog prince yarn I just finished, he might even be willing to model it for me. :D


littlebird said...

gosh i can't believe it, he might be the swishest watering can ever, how adorable. I know i could not have resisted him either : )

Snowberry & Lime said...

lol, isn't he just? The long wait was sooo worth it! :D