Thursday, 7 July 2011

TDF Days 4, 5 and 6!

On day 4 I spun a very thick and thin yarn from a very similar batt to the one from day 2:
It's such a fluffy yarn, I can't wait to knit this up into something cosy....

On day 5 I had a go at some of those silk cocoons I just dyed up. The dye didn't go all the way through, but it gives the white a nice touch of colour. I spun it into a textured single to be plied. As one of my goals during this tour I really wanted to use up the neglected singles on my many bobbins, so whilst watching the apprentice last night I plied up these three yarns in the third picture. From left to right: the cocoon silk plied with hand processed brown Alpaca, the cocoon silk plied with organic cotton, organic cotton plied with Merino/Mulberry silk.

On day 5 (so today), I did another lot of dyeing and spun a simple single yarn. The fourth picture shows just a small part of all the freshly dyed goods and the last picture today's yarn. :)


cindy said...

hi, came over from laigrai ravelry to get a closer look. love that soft pink on the top w/bits of gold. all look delicious.

jewelrhi said...

Wow! Loving the colours you have up here!