Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mulberry silk yarn

I meant to show off these silks ages ago! Pretty recently I was lucky enough to get a small box of finely spun, pure Mulberry silk lace yarns into my possession. They will eventually be dyed (I am guessing once I get back to the UK) and will be so perfect for lace projects! I will definitely have to keep at least some of it to work on a pretty shawl or something similar. :D

Additionally I just ordered more sock yarn in my 'normal' fibre base as well as a 100% Superwash Merino fingering weight yarn, which would work for socks, but would also be ideal for other projects (As usual, I am thinking lace again). All of these fibres will move with me to the UK in now less than two weeks!

Just one more week at my job as well, so this is really the time to get nervous. Having said that, I am surpirisingly calm, after I realised that packing shouldn't take me all that long I am actually just really looking forward to my move and to getting slightly more settled. :)


The Twins said...

wow the yarn looks so lovely, I hope everything goes well with packing and the end of your job and going to England. where abouts in England are you going? I live in north yorkshire, and in the yorkshire dales and moors spinning and crafts to do with that are very popular.

Anonymous said...

good luck...packing is just about my least favourite thing ever!! xx

EGunn said...

That yarn is beautiful! It will make a lovely shawl.

Good luck with the moving. We'll miss you on Saturdays!

florcita said...

THis yarn looks just beautiful! Good luck with the move.

ritarenata said...

that silkyarn is w o n d e r f u l.