Thursday, 12 March 2009

The new knitty is up!

This morning I just had a random look at knitty and found that the Spring 2009 edition is up!

To my delight there are at least two things I really want to knit. One is a lace cardigan called Decimal (I love lace cardigans, it's almost the only thing I knit and this pattern is really quite interesting) the other is Aeolian, a really stunning lace shawl. The lace shawl has been knitted from handspun yarn, and although it is a lot of yardage, I might actually spin it myself. I would do the handspun medium size, as I think it has a really nice length to it.
Decimal I could probably knit from some yarn I already have for a different cardigan.... Can't wait to start!

Some of the socks are nice too, but I still got so many other sock patterns to make.

Have you got any favourites?


Angela said...

I can't decide if Aeolian is my favorite or if it's really Shipwrecked.

Angela said...

just beautiful
mona & the girls

Anonymous said...

Hello I stumbled upon your website and was wondering if you sell to retailers?