Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A big pot of ...what was she thinking?

what was she thinking
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Well, I did some dyeing and whilst the first pot was filled with a bit of a classic, light yellow with all kinds of different shades of teal and blue, the second was rather, um, questionable....

What happened was: I had mixed upscary amounts of blue and had originally intended to dye something with green for the second pot, but I also wanted some brown, so I started mixing up some red. A lot of red, because it quickly switches into pink. After some fiddling around I had bright red, lots of blues/teals, lots of dark greenish brown with a hint of rusty brown.

Did I ever mention that my colour combination from hell is light pink, pine green and navy blue? Well, in the pot it looked scarily close to that and I panicked a little. The panic passed quickly and I just kept pouring on the ugliness... all of it.

BUT then this happened:
Yes, it actually turned into a decent (and subtle) colourway: the blue is now dark prussian blue, the unidentified dark green stuff turned into a subtle grey with its own beauty and the red become a beautiful dark burgundy on the silk and a subtle vintage rose colour on the wool you can see in the front. These outcomes are why dyeing can be pretty exciting and so well worth it. :)

Saved by the bell!


Anonymous said...

Heehee... I know that moment of panic. When you are staring into the pot thinking: "do i toss something else into it? ack! that's turning hideous! oh no! oh no!" and then in a few moments it turns into something else completely. Something interesting and completely unrepeatable.

Carrie K said...

That sounds like fun, actually.

Pretty! Eventually. Doesn't it make a huge mess?