Sunday, 30 March 2008

Golden girl, finished art yarn

Golden girl
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And here it is, a lovely and soft Merino and golden Tussah silk yarn with all the necesary goodies to make this extremely glamourous! :D

Golden girl 2

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Golden girl

Golden girl - ingredients
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Another work in progress of an art yarn.... handcarded rolags of wonderfully soft Merino and golden undyed Tussah silk. Additionally all the lovely trinkets you can see here: golden Lurex thread, ric rac and sequins in gold, copper and an interesting but hard to describe pale iridescent yellow. The yarn is now spun and just setting the twist right now, it turned out absolutely gorgeous and will be one of the first in my brand new 'Ultimate luxury' range, where I really go all out on fancy fibres and elegant combinations. :D

Thursday, 13 March 2008

That's how you spell luxury!

No pictures tonight, but I just had to share my latest yarn which just came off the bobbin! It is a light DK weight 2ply pure Tussah silk yarn and just so exceedingly gorgeous I was surprised myself. :D
It's called 'Lavender fields' for its pale lilac and light green colours. The shine is stunning and I am not entirely sure if I am willing to part with it yet... :) It's a 48g/1.7oz skein of 86m.

Pictures following soon.


Saturday, 8 March 2008

Boys toys - cars

Boys toys - cars 2
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Recently I had this idea of spinning yarns specifically for guys, and this is the first result.

This would be so cute on a little boy, or perhaps even cuter on a grown man. :P

Hey, but girls like it too! I had fun spinning all the little cars into this yarn, although it did take a lot of patience. The yarn is soft Merino, commercially dyed and oh so bright... I love it!

Next to follow are a few more yarns in this style, here are the 'secret ingredients' of the next one, after cars the logical next step are tools, right?
Boys toys II

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Stash enhancement

Ric rac stash
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These are the beautiful sequins, ribbons, beads and ric rac I collected during my UK visit, as I took the chance of going to all my favourite craft stores....

Well, not all of them, as I already spun one skein of a lovely blue yarn filled with sequins and such - it is taking a bath as we speak.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Beads and sequins

Beads and sequins
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Well, well, well.....
I went for some shopping and a ravelry knitting meet-up to Heidelberg and we went to this lovely shop which is sadly closing down. I managed to get some really great beads and sequins which I am sure to find a good use in a yarn for.
In the front are some absolutely stunning real mother of pearl thick but tiny beads.

Yesterday I also got lots of tweed and other wool fabrics, we'll see if they end up being bags or yarns. :P